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Women still face discrimination in the workplace

23 May 2012
Women in the workplace still need to be given better chances to progress in general, as many face the problem of glass ceilings across the world, with an expert claiming that it can be up to both businesses and the women themselves to try to get a better working condition and the opportunity to advance.

While Ruth Sanderson, managing director at Bluepeapod recognises the fact that women should be given opportunities by their employers to advance through the business at the same rate as their male counterparts, she also said that it is the case that women can help themselves to advance through the glass ceiling.

"I've met and worked with many women who have broken through glass ceilings. They would say the decision to push through came first, followed by their ability to influence, educate and subsequently deliver. Discrimination comes because someone has had an experience or strong expectation of a certain outcome. As the recipient you can either accept it, reinforce it, or do the above. Personally I find choice very liberating," she said.

The expert also went on to say that although there is still a level of discrimination in the workplace, it is actually beginning to reduce, with more companies now promoting women. It was recently claimed by Dr Suzanne Doyle-Morris, director of FemaleBreadWinners.com, that more women should be brought into firms at the level of board rooms to ensure that there is gender equality throughout a firm.

However, while it is often reported that women are under-represented and discriminated against in work, Ms Sanderson has also said that men can also find a need for more equality at work. She said that those who have young families can often want flexible hours to care for them, but feel embarrassed to ask.

The need for equality throughout companies is paramount, because it helps to promote a harmonious and comfortable place in which to work for everyone who is operating within the business itself.

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