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Do you have the experience to lead our pre-clinical strategy into the future?

Do you want to take part in the development of next generation of immunotherapy drugs?

As Head of pre-clinical development / CTO you will work closely with the CEO / Scientific team/ founder in the exciting development of a new immune-oncology company.
The role will be, together with key scientific and business colleagues, important in selecting target indication(s), and includes the responsibility for driving the preclinical development of our lead drug candidate.
This includes securing the necessary pre-clinical scientific and regulatory documentation including manufacturing needed to initiate clinical development, obtain regulatory approvals and commercialization.
In addition an important responsibility is to be part of the company’s patent strategy and securing the intellectual properties of the company.

Key responsibilities:

  • In collaboration with scientific team and external partners design and execute the necessary preclinical studies (in vitro/in vivo) needed to document the scientific/therapeutic value proposition and optimal clinical/market positioning of the lead product
  • Designing and conducting pre-clinical safety and toxicology studies needed for initiation of clinical studies and regulatory approvals through qualified partners (CRO)
  • Procurement of qualified CDMO partners for the documentation and timely manufacture of the lead drug product for preclinical and clinical supplies.
  • Securing necessary offensive and defensive patents building a solid IP around the lead drug product in close interaction with external patent attorney
  • Securing scientific publication of research data in reputable medical conferences and relevant scientific journals
  • Building relationship to scientific key opinion leaders in the immune-oncology field
  • Supporting CEO/management team in business development and investor relation activities

Required qualifications:

  • Proven pre-clinical drug development experience of biologicals in oncology (preferably monoclonal antibodies)
  • Degree in Life Sciences preferably within immunology/immune-oncology
  • Track-record from Big Pharma/biotech can compensate for relevant education
  • Proven track record of selection and working with third party research partners (eg. CRO, CDMO, academic institutions)
  • Commercial mindset with understanding of commercial success factors in drug development
Caedo Oncology can offer:
  • An unique opportunity to contribute to the cutting edge of drug development and to potentially make a difference for people suffering from cancer
  • Valuable experience in establishing a company and learning from experienced entrepreneurs
  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • Opportunity to influence the future of our company

If this sounds like a challenge for you, please do not hesitate to contact us for an informal talk about this role. All inquiries will be treated confidentially!

Om arbeidsgiver

Caedo Oncology is a Norwegian newly established immune oncology (IO) biotech company. Our mission is to develop a new therapy enhancing the life expectancy of patients with malignant disease. The company is based on pre-clinical research at Oslo University Hospital where the founders developed and characterized a novel monoclonal antibody targeting an unique binding site of CD47.CD47 is expressed on the malignant cells and prevents the cellular immune cells from attacking the malignant cells - recognized as “ do not eat me”. CD47 is expressed on most malignant types – hematological malignancies and solid tumors. Our antibody has a unique dual mechanism of action as it in addition to block the “do not eat me” causes cell death of the the malignant cells through a unique pathway.The goal of Caedo Oncology is to develop its novel therapeutic antibody as a new immune oncology check point inhibitor benefiting the unmet medical need for growing number of patients with malignant disease.