corporate governance

Sound corporate governance is a key component of Randstad’s culture, behavior and management, and is consistent with its core values. Randstad’s corporate governance is supported by a strong focus on integrity, transparency and clear and timely communication.

business principles

Randstad, as an industry leader in HR services that wants to shape the world of work, recognizes the need to always act with integrity and to respect human rights. Randstad’s Business Principles are set around and are supportive of our core values: to know, to serve and to trust, simultaneous promotion of all interests and striving for perfection; they guide us to do what is right. The Business Principles project a positive message, guide us to live up to the core values and ensure that the needs of the world in which we work and our business and personal behavior are aligned and reinforce one another.

policies summary

Randstad has captured the principles on which the company and its representatives should conduct in a set of policies. They give guidance and clarity to all parties involved, for example through clear lists of practical DOs and DON'Ts.

misconduct reporting policy

Randstad expects its employees to behave at all times in accordance with our Business Principles. This means acting ethically, with integrity and in conformity with local legislation and with Randstad’s own internal policies. We expect our employees to help us maintain our excellent reputation by demonstrating our core values through their behavior: to know; serve and trust; simultaneous promotion of all interests; striving for perfection.