misconduct reporting policy.

Randstad expects its employees to behave at all times in accordance with our Business Principles. This means acting ethically, with integrity and in conformity with local legislation and with Randstad's own internal policies. We expect our employees to help us maintain our excellent reputation by demonstrating our core values through their behavior: to know; serve and trust; simultaneous promotion of all interests; striving for perfection.

Nevertheless, misconduct may happen within our company and we must not close our eyes to it. If you suspect or have evidence of misconduct, we would like you to discuss it with your manager or supervisor or report it through another appropriate channel in our company. However, if this is impossible, for example because you fear retaliation, you can report misconduct making use of the Integrity Line under the Randstad Misconduct Reporting Procedure. Misconduct reporting procedure

Call or email the Integrity Line, even anonymously if desired, and mention as much information as possible. Your message will then be forwarded to our Local Integrity Officer and your report will be investigated. The Local Integrity Officer will treat all information confidentially. The results of any investigation will not be disclosed to anyone other than those who have a legitimate business reason to know. If there is insufficient information or an indication that a report has been made in bad faith, a Local Integrity Officer may decide not to investigate the report. False accusations may result in disciplinary action.

Randstad has a strict policy of non-retaliation against persons who make reports under this policy. Reporting through the Integrity Line will not protect you automatically if you participated in the misconduct.

As part of our culture of openness and accountability, we encourage all stakeholders to report any incidents, situations and concerns where it is evident that conduct falls short of these values.

Should you like to report a misconduct case matching one (but not limited to) one of the above categories, you may fill in the communication form here.